Life logging the easy way

ActiFit tells you how much you move and how you move.

It "knows" the difference between walking, running, cycling and riding in a vehicle. It can even detect standing and sitting. ActiFit counts your steps and gives you an easy way to see statistics of daily, weekly or monthly activities and moves. And because ActiFit knows how you move, it can calculate burned calories much better and more accurate than any other app or wearable device.

Privacy is important

ActiFit gives you full control over your data.

Your data is strictly confidential and it remains on your device. If you choose to enable the backup feature, any data is highly encrypted before it leaves your smartphone. Even we can't decrypt your backups. We do not sell any user data to third parties.

Saving battery

ActiFit uses ingenious algorithms to save your battery.

Of course ActiFit also needs some power. But it will only perform battery draining operations such as GPS positioning when it's really necessary – and ActiFit is doing better than many other applications on your smartphone.


Automatic tracking of walking, running, cycling, transport, sitting and standing!

Collect ActiPoints – one universal and comparable currency for pysical activity.

See daily, weekly or monthly paths of your life and activities with the map view.

Get a quick overview of walked steps, burned calories, ActiPoints and times.

And there is more to come: Challenge your friends, improve your fitness with personal coaches, get great visualizations of your daily activity, …